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Looking The Bomb – New RAF Range

by | 27th, March 2007

1016_hero.jpg“DOES MY BOMBER LOOK BIG IN THIS?” asks the Sun.

It is impossible to give a full and frank answer to this poser, what with readers only seeing the new RAF bikini from the front.

The outfit features the pink and blue version of the RAF roundel. It is part of 50 items featured in the new man and woman at RAF range. And it is the outfit the Mirror and Mail chose to showcase.

The aim, as the Mirror sys, is to raise the RAF’s profile and “inspire a sense of Britishness”.

The bikini is a new take on the summertime mainstay of Union Jack shorts. And we expect to see many male military personal, including those in the Navy and Army, sporting the new look on leave and during alcohol-fuelled team building exercises.

Nick Adams, marketing the range, tells the paper: “It’s a high quality range aimed at anyone who is proud to be British.”

Others may argue that bringing the RAF into the high street is part of the growing trend of gun culture. The target emblem makes, well, a pretty good target.

But there is a charitable element to this military chic. The Mail hears from RAF’s head of communications, Group Captain Turner. He says “all money raised will go to the RAF’s museum”, even if the Mirror says only a “percentage of profits” will go that way.

But this is no time to quibble over details. This is a time to be proud. And we suggest that the bikini is adopted as the new RAF uniform.

Make love, not war, as the motto goes. And while the enemy are lost in dreamy thoughts of lust and romance, launch a full frontal attack…

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