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PC’s Supermarket Sweep

by | 27th, March 2007

sweep3.jpgAS big corporations continue to get even more money out of us by whatever means necessary, a humble copper has managed to stick one in the eye of big business, albeit illegally.

“PC Clubcard” as the Telegraph hilariously (my side are actually splitting) christens policeman Shaun Pennicott, found a loophole in Tesco’s Clubcard system and systematically returned to their stores, day and night, in order to repeatedly scan the same voucher at self-service tills.

All this scanning eventually earned the 42-year-old office a whopping 75,000 points which he then converted into British Airways air-miles.

The Times reports that the 42-year-old, who has a holiday home in Tenerife, initially took advantage of a Tesco promotion involving Bird’s Eye meals, buying 759 of the cheapest meals in three days, thus legally receiving 38,000 Clubcard points.

However, his Clubcard habit grew to the rather mundane point where he was popping into the supermarket at every opportunity.

An £800 fine and an order to do 120 hours community service was the criminal mastermind’s punishment, although apparently, according to Tesco themselves, the loophole is still open as it would be too costly to close down.

Hmmm, I suddenly feel the need for a few hundred fish fingers…..

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