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New York Is A Cautionary Tale – London Beware

by | 27th, March 2007

paris-hilton-nude-subway-792102.jpgFIRST they came for the smokers and I did not speak up because I was not a smoker.

Londoners beware. If New York is anything to go by you’ll soon have to ask permission to leave your own home.

In the past five years the city has stuck its nose everywhere from the much touted smoking ban to laws curbing dancing in bars and forbidding cyclists from riding with their feet off the pedals.

From the beginning of last year it was illegal to move between cars on the subway. That means that anyone changing carriages looking for a seat or trying to escape a drunk or loon risks a fine.

Last year, the NYPD issued 3600 tickets for this heinous crime.

In an effort to prove that the law is effective the NYPD touted its successes yesterday.

New York’s Finest announced that of the people they nabbed moving between cars in the past year, four were carrying loaded guns, almost 50 were armed with knives and 166 had outstanding warrants for their arrest.

There was no mention of what the other 3,400 people were charged with but we are sure the NYPD will think of something.

With the smoking ban being copied in cities (and countries) around the world civic leaders may be interested to learn that although New York is duller than at any time in living history, it is also a lot safer.

We’re just waiting for the ban on speaking in public; then it will be a lot quieter too.

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