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Slim Pickings – Nicole Richie On Paris & Wrap

by | 27th, March 2007

bbbones_1.jpgNOW that Nicole Richie is not rake thin, what is she?

Showbiz is full of sorry tales of how the great and good thought they could change. Against much professional advice Macaulay Culkin reached puberty. Britney Spears changed out of her school uniform. And the Fonz pulled on a pair of swimmers and some water skis and jumped a shark.

Now Nicole Richie has gained weight. She remains thin but not skeletal. Richie poses with a plate of cakes in her hand and we see irony, not a bad message to young women and girls.

But is this new Richie interesting? Is her life something worth tracking? Is she someone to bother with?

macaulay-culkin.jpgHelpfully, Richie has celebrity pals. She is friends again with Paris Hilton. The duo are filming a new series of their spoilt-brat-meets-reality show The Simple Life. One of Nicole’s roles in the show is to be a counsellor at a fat camp. Yet more irony.

Where to begin the interview? Simple. Richie talks of Paris. They were friends. Then they were not. Then they were again. Why did they fall out? Richie doesn’t care to say.

So then… Well…. Um… OK! can’t wait any longer – does Richie have an eating disorder? “I’ve repeatedly said: ‘No, I don’t have an eating disorder,’ and it’s fallen on deaf ears,” says she.

Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. And Richie’s souffles are more than a little sunken.

But the weight is not an issue. And Paris is her friend. But we’ve been there. So what about you, Nicole, anything else? Well: “I might be the messiest person on the face of the planet.”

She might be.

Anything else? Yes. Nicole’s top style tip is “headscarves”. Says Nicole: “Sometimes I don’t have time to brush it [her hair], so I just wrap a scarf around my head.”

Well, careers have been built on less…

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