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Scent Packing – Snoop Banned & P Diddy Beats Beckham

by | 28th, March 2007

pdoodles_3.jpg“HE’S a better footballer than me but my fragrance smells better,” says P Diddy of D Beckham.

Scents, as they were once called, are an extension of the celebrity’s personality. P. Diddy, often pictured sucking on a cigar and drinking champagne, may be expected to front the smell of stale tobacco smoke and essence of late-night club.

But our research tells us that Diddy’s Unforgivable “fuses cashmere accord with rum and amber, achieving a peak that is both sexy and seductive”. It boasts “a soul that is slightly dangerous and explosive, yet cool”. Wear it, drink it, use it to fire up the BarBQ – it’s the ubiquitous smell of victory.

And it smells better than Beckham’s odour, with a blend of sweat, liniment and top notes of new money.

The Diddy man is in conversation with the Sun. And the smell is not of a winner but of dejection. Diddy is upset that his stage partner Snoop Dogg (middle notes of cannabis, police cell and corn rows), has been refused a visa.

Diddy and Snoop were scheduled to play a London show but with no Snoop, the plan never bore fruit. Snoop was involved in a “riot” at Heathrow airport last year and Home Secretary John Reid said he should not return.

Overlooking the chance to reunite the other Diddy men one last time, and help propel Ken Dodd back into the big time, Diddy instead went out for dinner with David Beckham and Posh.

Says Diddy: “For me the tour being called off here feels like someone has cancelled the Cup final at the last minute.”

Not that that could happen – not with the new Wembley stadium complete.

“The tour was meant to be about spreading the message of peace,” says Diddy, “and with all the gun crime in England right now I think it would have been appropriate to do the show.”

There is a smell of fear and cordite on the streets. But it can be cured with spritz of Diddy…

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