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George Bush Surges & Withdraws

by | 28th, March 2007

george-bush-leads-the-us-towar.jpgUS troops could be forgiven for not knowing whether they are coming or going.

First, the President “surges” them in, then Congress votes to pull them out. If the executive and the legislature can’t stand should to shoulder then what hope for the rest of the “Coalition of the Willing?”

Yesterday’s shock vote in the Senate to withdraw troops by July 2008 edged through by a 50-48 vote and included a few Republican defections.

The final wording of the bill is yet to be decided between the House (which has already voted for a pullout timetable) and the Senate. But the decision sets the stage for a major confrontation between the White House and Congress.

President Bush has sworn to veto any timetable for withdrawal. Meanwhile innocent Iraqis continue to get blown to bits daily.


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