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P Diddy Man Drinks To Controversy

by | 29th, March 2007

diddydumbass.jpgP DIDDY is a businessman who knows he has to speculate to accumulate.

The Mirror looks on as Ken Dodd’s foremost Diddy Man dances in London’s Paper club. For this night out, Diddy is wearing sunglasses and a light grey blouson jacket of a fashion rarely seen outside the bowls club and the driver’s seat of a Rover 75.

The obstructing presence of the singer Fergie does not allow us to see if the jacket’s hem is elasticated nor if the collar is fleshed out with a nylon hood.

But not content with making ‘em swoon with his ensemble, the Mirror watches Diddy and his entourage pass rolled-up cigarettes between them. There is a “heady aroma”. Is this Diddy’s signature aftershave? Or is it something else?

Many would suppose Diddy’s outfit ideally suited to a small, thin cigar. But the Mirror nudges and winks about Diddy’s “spliffing habit”.

But this is not enough. And Diddy decides it is time to buy everyone in the club a drink. Champagne is on him. And it costs £22,000. His total spend for the night is billed at £80,000.

This is Diddy’s investment in his role as professional party thrower and party goer.

“There is no VIP area tonight,” says he. “Tonight you are all VIPs.” Hurrah! “It’s a celebration bitches. We’d better get enough champagne to get all these motherf***ers drunk. Everybody drinks tonight. If you haven’t come to party, get the f***k out!”

That Diddy views drinking and having a good time as indivisible will surely upset the Government. Already they have banned Diddy’s on-stage partner Snoop Dogg from entering the country. Will Diddy now be cited as setting a bad example for glamorising binge drinking?

And will the race relations watchdog censure him for making his Muslim guests drink liquor or be thrown out? And what of Catholics abstaining from booze during Lent?

But this is Diddy at his most controversial. The party goes on and the brand is built…

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