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Chris Sligh Bible Bashed And Sanjaya Malakar Is American Idol

by | 30th, March 2007

chrishaley.jpgAMERICAN Idol continues to work towards its inevitable conclusion – whispering Sanjaya Malakar’s annointment as the new false deity of reality TV singing contests.

And that reality gets one step nearer as Chris Sligh is eliminated from the American Idol Top Ten.

Tabloid Baby wonders how “the out-of-breath doughboy with the mop of curls” failed to trounce Sanjaya’s Desi factor. Sligh garnered the support of the “Southern-based voting bloc – and that could be because many had damned him for making it to Idol in the first place.”

As TB tells us, Chris’s music is not founded in “an indie, alternative-rock background’, but the Christian music scene.

Chris never advertised his Christian background. But his roots are without question. “Chris is the son of Christian missionaries, spent much of his childhood overseas, attended the conservative fundamentalist Bob Jones University, and was a favourite of the influential Gospel Music Association.”

To put a tin lid on it, Chris performs as part of the Seacoast Church “praise band” in Greenville, South Carolina.

There is nothing untoward in this, of course. The voice is the voice, and which American singer does not thank God for giving them the gift as they accept a gong and tap their heart.

american-idol.jpgBut it is Chris’s misfortune to have been misunderstood by the people whose votes would have kept him on the show.

As TB says, he’s been the target of backlash because he recently began performing mainstream (The Devil’s) pop music.

Anorak’s man in Los Angeles hears Jonathan Pait, spokesman for the Bob Jones school, say: “We really are somewhat disappointed with the direction he has gone musically.”

“Well, TB and Idol voters are also disappointed with Chris’ direction – into bland pop music and apologies (to Simon, and for his singing).”

And there is Sting, whose songs the agonists were invited to sing. As TB says: “And let it be a lesson to future Idol contestants: Keep away from that satanic yogic lute-playing (and Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip guest star), Sting. Both Chris and Phil ‘Bat Boy’ Stacy sang boring Sting songs. Both wound up in the bottom three.”

And here comes Sanjaya. No need to sing. The show’s music maestros have let him perform “De Do Do Do De Da Da Da.” Can Sanjaya fail? The only danger is that no-one hears him. But then he’d still beat Chris and Stacy…

Tabloid Baby

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