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David Beckham Returns As Steve McClaren

by | 30th, March 2007


DAVID Beckham has a new hair cut and there are calls for him to be included in Steve McClaren’s England team.

“Short beck and sides,” says the Mirror’s front page. Beckham’s new hair is what the Mirror calls the “Steptoe” look.

To the untrained eye it seems as if Beckham is preparing for life in Los Angeles. His hair is watched with an avidity usually reserved for trains, terror suspects and mating panda bears, and there have been noises made about thinning locks.

Might it be that Beckham’s new look, which resembles the kind of creature usually found atop the head of Sean Connery and other Hollywood notables, is a canny stepping stone in his career?

Adopt a style that leaves people wondering if the hair is real or not and when the centre parting widens like the English defence stick on a similar looking toupee. Notice the difference? See the join? No and no.

But we suggest Beckham goes further. With the over-promoted McClaren besieged, Beckham should return to the cause and serve his manager. That special relationship Beckham enjoyed with Sven Goran Eriksson can be extended to the Swede’s replacement.

beckham-hair.jpgThose England fans who travel to watch lads take on Andorra, whose spit-laden, booze-fuelled demands for McClaren’s head on a stick are supposed to speak for the nation, may take to their new man.

The vociferous hate-filled fans want Beckham back – and, note, this is the same Beckham who has an injured leg.

So why not Beckham him back. And cut his hair accordingly…

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