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War Changes You

by | 2nd, April 2007

female-soldier.jpgWAR changes you.

And no-one is more changed than Ian Hamilton, who, as the Sun says, has been transformed from a “muscular, battle-hardened veteran” into a muscular, battle-hardened veteran called Jan.

Ian saw action as a Para in Afghanistan. And now he is to see more of the world in Thailand, where he will undergo facial surgery to have his jawline and nose reshaped.

These are the first stages in a £20,000 refit. As the paper notes, Ian is already taking hormones to develop his feminine side. He is, as readers learn, already up to a B-cup.

The process will stop the inner conflict between the outer Ian and his inner Jan. Ian is a “male lesbian”. Says he: “Although my body is male, my mind is female.”

Ian outlines his dreams and how he hopes he can be accepted by friends and family.

Says Ian: “I expect a lot of hate mail but is important to be that I am not mocked.” As if. The Sun would never stoop so low. And in “I want a Para boobs” Ian goes on: “I have served my country for long enough and I don’t deserve that.”

But if Ian does feel a need to prove himself, he could always reenlist?

Imagine the look on the Iranian captors’ faces when Captain Jan whips off her wig, unzips her combat fatigues and delivers a shocking message.

Who would dare mock out hero then?

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