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Save Jade Goody

by | 2nd, April 2007

jade-goody.jpgJADE Goody, star of pro-am Big Brother, has no money.

“SHAMED JADE: I’M SKINT,” says the Star’s front-page headline.

The sorry truth is that since her showing on Big Brother, Goody has not received a single offer of work.

Over the page, in “JADE’S A BROKEN WOMAN”, readers learn that Jade’s career is in meltdown.

“There‘s nothing coming in – all the work’s dried up,” says Jade. “I’m living of my savings. I haven’t got any work lined up, no TV work.”

As Britain’s foremost village idiot, Jade earned a reported £650,000 a year. She charged £30,000 for a personal appearance. She was to buy a £1.4million house. But now she may have to change her plans.

Self-awareness and visible signs of intelligence would always be Jade’s undoing?

Now Jade – poor Jade – has just £2million left in the bank.

Such is the price of property in Essex that Jade may have to get herself a Mock Tudor studio flat.

It’s a good job she saved her money, and wasn’t as stupid as she looks.

But we have no interest in seeing reality TV stars forced into the less glamorous side of reality. And we urge the programme makers and broadcaster to find a new vehicle for Goody and others who have been pinched by the reality hand that fed them.

Surely there is some as-yet-undiscovered corner of the TV planet that Goody can be sent to for our entertainment?

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