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Margaret Beckett Apologises?

by | 2nd, April 2007

WHAT is it about those on the Left and their fluid attitudes against fascism?

We always hear of campaigning group on the Left that are “anti-fascist” and yet, when it comes to fighting a fascist military junta that has invaded your sovereign territory it tears itself apart with many becoming apologists for facisim on the ground of imperialism.

Which leads me neatly on to the Foreign Secertary statement today about the Falklands which opens by saying, “2nd April marks the 25th anniversary of the Argentine invasion of the Falklands.

The resulting loss of life on both sides is a source of continuing regret.”

We have absolutely nothing to regret or apologise for about the Falklands conflict. The military Junta of Galtieri was a fasicist regime, and deserves no historical revisionism, especially from our Foreign Secretary.


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