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Big Brother Storm In A Big C-Cup

by | 3rd, April 2007

danielle-lloyd.jpgBIG Brother Danielle Lloyd is in “BIG C HELL”.

The Big C stands not for Cellulite but Cancer. And for the first time ever Danielle is telling the world about her “ordeal”.

“It was the most terrifying time of my life,” says the Big Brother veteran. “I just thought, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got cancer.”

So scared was Danielle that all her clothes fell off. Luckily she was wearing a clean pair of knickers and a matching bra.  

It was just after her breast augmentation procedure that a lump was found.

Had the surgeon left a rubber glove in Danielle’s chest, a cotton wool pad, an Oxo cube? Was it just a piece of fatty tissue? Or did Danielle have cancer?

“It was a nightmare,” says Danielle. “I was worried about it constantly.”

One of Danielle’s breasts was punctured. Danielle felt deflated as a biopsy was taken.

She waited. And then the results became known. And Danielle was given the all clear.

Danielle says the lump is still in her chest.

If the Star would only grab the nettle of innovation and publish in glorious grope-and-sniff its readers could investigate Danielle for themselves.

Instead, those who want to know how Danielle feels are reduced to filling a pop sock with one part chicken breast to two parts buffalo mozzarella and adding a hard pea.

For added authenticity, Anorak recommends an orange sock and inviting a crowd to watch…

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