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Did A Mango And Carrot Do For Bob Woolmer At Cricket World Cup?

by | 3rd, April 2007

woolmer-bob.jpgWE join the Sun outside the window of the room Bob Woolmer died in.

It’s is room 12 – 374, the foremost digits indicating the floor.

But the Sun is not risking life and limb to show its readers a picture of a “squashed carton of mango and carrot juice – “Did this contain poison” – and the “desk from where coach probably sent his last email”.

The Sun’s man on the outside has not fashioned suction pads for knees and hands from plungers, but is stood on a balcony. Although he must have climbed over another balcony to get here.

Is this the balcony from where Woolmer “dragged” a white plastic chair, now seen inside his room? “Did Woolmer have a meeting in his room?” Are the fingerprints on the glass from the killers, Woolmer or the Sun’s snapper trying to steady himself for the shot through the shut glass door?

Questions and more questions.

“A drinks fridge could indicate he hit the bottle to relieve his despair,” says the Sun. Remember that mango juice carton?

“Torn sheets could indicate violence or a restless night,” the paper goes on. “Pillows are missing, backing reports that police seized a bloodstained pillowcase.”

woolmer-hotel.jpgRight now the cops are plumping that seized pillow to within an inch if its sorry life. Will it talk? Let’s hope so.

But if Plan A fails, the Sun can call upon the know-how of ex-Flying Squad chief John O’Connor to explain all.

Says he: “Two chairs face the bed, showing people were talking to the person on the bed.” Brilliant! “But it does not point to anything aggressive.” The angle of the chairs is wrong, right?

“None of this is adding up,” says O’Connor. The pictures do not show a room that was trashed in a struggle for life as you might expect.”

Given the often legendary goings on in cricketers’ rooms, the scene is one of relative calm and order. And not an ashtray in sight.

It’s all very suspicious.

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