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Mel Gibson Tells it Like it Is

by | 3rd, April 2007


AFTER watching Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, an inspired and uplifted Anorak film club burnt down a synagogue.

We wanted to thank Mel for a terrific night out. So when we heard Mel was appearing in a lecture hall at the California State University we knew we had to be there.

We are joined in the stalls by the Enquirer. Mel is taking a question and answer session.

The 130 students and professors have just watched Mel’s latest movie, Apocalyto, the “megaviolent action epic”. It’s a “bloodfest”, says the Enquirer. “Blood be upon us,” say Mel’s fans in one voice. Bring it on.

It’s time for questions.

Up steps Alicia Estrada, an assistant professor of Central American Studies. She tells Mel that what he knows about the Mayans can be engraved on one of the official leather and pewter NailT pendants that passes for official The Passion merchandise.

Mel replies in defiant and Biblical fashion. His answer: “Lady, f**k off!”

A couple of Mayans in the audience voice their complaints. “Make you own movie,” yells Mel.

That’ll teach them to bandy words with a screenplay writing genius.

Gibson’s representative calls Estrada a “heckler who was disruptive and rude”.

Estrada, who might or might not be Jewish, is demanding an apology from Mel. But Mel’s representative chimes in to say that Mel owes her nothing.

Ivana Trump (formerly known as Ivana Trumpenstein, according to sources) says Mel has a “problem” with his anger. He has to “control his emotions”.

But Mel will not be quietened. And certainly not by one of them…

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