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President Bush Muddies Iran’s Waters

by | 3rd, April 2007

A ‘turn for the worse’. From Duncan R in the Forums.

Efforts to secure the release of the captured British soldiers/sailors suffered a setback with news that USA President, George ‘Wanker’ Bush had stepped into the affair, condemning Iran’s ‘inexcusable behaviour’ and insisting the captives be released ‘immediately’.

When ‘quiet’ diplomacy is required, the Iranian’s arch-enemy wading into the dispute and dictating to them what they should do is likely to be a hindrance rather than a help!

Fortunately, the captives are taking steps to help secure their own release. Appearing on TV confessing to – and apologising for – intruding into Iranian waters gives the Iranians the propoganda victory they require for their own people. Since the eventual form of words agreed to by the two governments to secure the release of the 15 captives will stop short of an admission of guilt or apology by the UK, the televised apologies by the captives will allow the Iranians to free them without losing face amongst their own population.

The UK Government has condemmed the televised images of the captives as totally unacceptable. I rather think the relatives and friends of the 15 have a different view – being relieved to see images of their loved ones apparently fit and well. (I suspect military intelligence are also happy to see televised footage and will be poring over these images looking for any information/clues that may indicate where the captives are being held!)

All in all, since the majority of people – outside of Iran – probably believe the captives are only saying what they are being asked to say by the Iranians, I believe these televised broadcasts are doing more good than harm in helping to secure the eventual release of the captives.

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