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Princess Diana Press Gangs Beyonce & Justin Timberlake

by | 4th, April 2007

beyoncetimberlake.jpgOH, oh, we feel a daily Mirror feature coming on.

The paper’s weapons of mass destruction counter has long since ticked it last – each day the Mirror produced a number (always one higher than the day before) showing how long it had been since a UN wonk had found WMD in Iraq.

Of course there are now loads of WMD in Iraq (mostly American), and the counter became a joke.

The paper’s pisspoor 3am Girls then got on the trail of Lindsay Lohan, giving readers a daily shot of Lohan looking dressed, tipsy, dressed and, er, dressed again.

How do you follow that? No easy job. But the Mirror looks to the past for future ideas. And it comes up with the countdown to the Princess Diana death concert.

It’s “DAY 2” in the run down to the biggest celebration of a woman’s death since Marie Antoinette chewed her last loaf of cake.

And the Mirror’s news is that princes William and Harry, who are, apparently, running the show, want to get the best acts they can.

Perhaps they aware that a line-up featuring Duran Duran, Bryan Ferry, the English National Ballet and Andrew Lloyd Webber may reduce the audience into a becalmed state not too dissimilar to Diana’s.

Now Princess Management is looking to secure the services of Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. Neither star has agreed to perform but who would deny Diana. Chances are they will be press ganged into service.

Tomorrow: DAY 3…

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