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Jesus Was A Good Easter Egg

by | 4th, April 2007

The Somerfield supermarket chain surveyed 1,130 adults on the meaning of Easter. The survey found that one-in-six 16 to 24-year-olds know nothing about Good Friday. Ten per cent know nothing of Easter Sunday.

Pete Williams of Somerfield says there appeared to be “some confusion” over the main events of Easter.

And his company’s press relsease tells us: “Brits are set to spend a massive £520 million on Easter eggs this year — but many young people don’t even know what Easter’s all about.”

So here’s Somerfield to set the reciord straight and tell us that we give Easter eggs to celebrate the “birth” of Christ. Oops!

This was later corrected to read “the rebirth” of Christ. And finally, after consultation with the Church of England, Somerfield annonced that we exchange chocolate eggs to celebrate the “resurrection” of Christ.

Jesus was, of course, born at Christmas time, when we celebrate by getting pissed.

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