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A Celebrity’s Progress – Jesse Metcalfe Away From Girls Aloud’s Nadine

by | 4th, April 2007

pilgrims-progress.jpgLOOK on, dear reader, as the celebrity makes his way from the city of self destruction to the celestial city of stars that we call Rehab.

“What shall I do?” he asks. Nadine, Jesse Metcalfe’s lover, looks to the good book and tells OK!: “I blame myself for Jesse going into rehab.”

In “NADINE IS IN SHOCK”, the singer is amazed that the “idyllic relationship” she enjoyed with Jesse has been “shattered”.

Never once in the course of their many romantic photoshoots together did Jesse turn to his beloved and say that he was troubled because of a burden that lieth hard upon him.

Jesse is being treated for an alcohol problem. And it was something that neither Nadine nor her father Niall spotted.

jessemetcalfe2-thumb.jpgSays Niall: “We saw Jesse regularly when we were in the US and we often thought he drank less than us.”

Nadine and Naill hails from the emerald isle, and readers may see the stereotypical Irishman with a pint of blackness in his hand. They may also see the American with his loc-cal, lo-alcohol fizzy beer. But Ireland has moved in. It is now a clean and smoke free place. And America did spawn Jeremy Thomas, the inspiration for the cocktail, remembered in The Bon-Vivant’s Companion.

What is shocking is how Metcalf managed to keep his problem a secret from his one true love. Sure Nadine lives thousands of miles away from her man but she says they speak all the time.

Anyone who has ever spoken to a beloved with a drink problem knows that conversations can be protracted. Nadine could have heard alarm bells ringing when her phone bill reached six figures.

But now Jess is in rehab. He is in the Slough of Despond – or else somewhere else entirely, like Promises, the Meadows or Faithful…

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