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The Burning Bush – Neil Bush On Ignite, Maria & George Bush

by | 5th, April 2007

neilbush.jpgTHERE’S only one George W Bush.

But in case Dubya didn’t make it to the top job in the White House, George H W Bush and his mother Barbra had three more boys – John (known as Jeb), Neil and Marvin.

It is a comfort to know that should Bush go there are more to fill his place.

But what would we and the greater world be in store for? What if Neil Bush became President?

Erotic Play

Hello! gets to grips with this thorny issue by introducing us to Neil. And here’s Neil introducing his new wife Maria.

Says Neil: “My mother keeps reminding me we behave like teenagers, but I can’t keep my hands off Maria.”

Neil is 52. Maria is four years younger. Maria is pictured perched on Neil’s knee. Neil is in turn perched on the arm of a chair. The chair is perched on a rug at the couple’s mansion in Houston, Texas. The tension is palpable.

Can we expect more love from President Neil? Will erotic play be the nature of the day in his brave new world? Will love and wandering hands overcome?

“Every day I’m in Houston, we take time to go to get coffee, just the two of us, just to spend time with each other and catch up and chat,” says Neil.

So close are the couple, we imagine catching up consists of catching breath and asking, “How was it for you?”

Neil goes on: “People think I’m obsessed with her because I call home so frequently when I am on the road, but I would rather spend every moment with her than away from her.”

So what is keeping Neil from his true love? He seems to have money, at least he has the trappings of wealth.

Family Values

Neil has already given up much for Maria. As Hello! notes, he split with first wife Sharon, the mother to their three children, after taking up with Maria, who was in the employ of his mum. Sharon says she was dumped via email.

What of that? Neil won’t elaborate. “I don’t think it’s appropriate for my children to read gossip about me or their mom. I’m just not inclined to play that game.”

Indeed. Better his former wife, children and family read how Neil can’t keep his hands off wife No.2. Much more wholesome.

“Maria was certainly not the cause of my divorce,” says Neil.” My marriage was broken before I met Maria. I didn’t realise how empty my heart was until I met her, I’ll confess to that, and I am so blessed that my heart is now filled with love.” And his hands are filled with Maria.

Neil goes onto to talk of he and Sharon’s marriage counseling. He tells us that he is not the father of Maria’s son Alexander. He has been DNA tested, just to make sure and to prove the gossipers wrong.

So that’s Sharon. She’s gone. And it’s private.

Operation Ignite!

But what of Neil’s other going concern, his business? Neil heads a company called Ignite!. It teaches through music, graphics and animation to “make instruction interesting”. Ignite! It’s better than books. Better than comic books. Ignite the books. Burn the books.

It sounds terrific. And does the Bush name – or graphic – affect the company’s fortunes?

No, says Neil. Not a chance. “The truth is that when our sales teams go into the market to sell our product, they don’t say, ‘This is Neil Bush’s company’.”

Indeed, not. Just how well would a literacy programme sell under the Bush masthead, metriculosity speaking? Although, as Hello! notes, Barbara Bush does front the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.”

Here’s hoping that with her encouragement, cartoons and Neil’s know-how, matters can improve.

It’s a big job. And it explains why Neil cannot be with his second wife all the time.

Vote Neil Bush – Becuse if you don’t there will be another one along in a minute.

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