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Faye Turney And The Mummy Of All Hostages

by | 10th, April 2007

IRAN HOSTAGE EXCLUSIVE,” ANNOUNCES The Sun. “Tears as Faye holds little Molly again.”

To borrow from the language of Saddam Hussein, this is the Mother of all Hostage Stories. “MUMMY MUMMY,” says the headline. And we are moved as Molly clutches and kisses her mother.

But Molly was not the hostage. Molly is no Stuart Lockwood, the five-year-old British boy Saddam Hussein dandled on his knee and used a human shield in 1990. It is mummy who has been in captivity.

Now repatriated, Faye is continuing her tale of the 13 days she spent in Iran. This is, as the paper boasts, “the interview everyone is talking about”. And it is true.

The Mail’s Richard Littlejohn is talking about it being a “demeaning spectacle”. The Times comments page calls it a “military fiasco”, an “orgy of introspection” and that Turney’s words have “beggared belief”.

Turney has sold her story of tears and dirty knickers for, apparently, £80,000. Having volunteered to carry a gun and operate war machines for Queen and country she is now a simple mother callously treated by that evil despot Ahmadinejad. Turney’s the blonde mum who missed her child.

“I felt anxious and nervous about seeing my child again,” says Turney. She goes on: “My biggest concern was that she [Molly] would see me paraded on TV blindfolded and would be confused and scared.”

But dad and husband Adam did not allow daughter Molly to watch the telly and see pictures of her mum eating, smiling and meeting a country’s President. Molly did not look on as Faye “fell about laughing” when she saw her comrades in their Man At Ahmadinejad suits.

Although Molly may have seen mum interviewed on ITV’s Tonight with Trevor McDonald, a pitiful display of gut-churning telly that could traumatise a grown man let alone a small girl.

And, alas, Molly may have been assaulted by the sight of her mother smoking. Faye saw herself puffing on a cigarette on TV when she was in Iran. She was “horrified”.

What kind of example is this to set a child? And how did mum explain why she was now famous and clutching Molly to her bosom as the camera’s clicked?

And if she knows the truth, can Molly ever watch her mother go off to battle again? Will Faye go to war?

Or will Faye go into another battle – fighting wrongs and injustices as the stay-at-home reporter on Tonight With Trevor McDonald and daytime telly?

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