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She’s A Doll – Faye Turney Makes President Ahmadinejad Squirm

by | 10th, April 2007

daddy-propaganda.jpg“HOW I MADE TYRANT AHMADINEJAD SQUIRM,” says the Sun as readers move into day two of the Faye Turney story.

One day the Sun will let Turney go, put an end to the questions and allow the serving fighter to go about the place free and unwatched by cameras.

But for now the Sun is telling us how “IRAN HOSTAGE FAYE” told Ahmadinejad off.

Amid between the tears and the smokes, “gutsy Faye turned the tables on Iranian tyrant Mahmoud Ahmadinejad”.

No, she did not get the shorter and less muscular Ahmadinejad in an arm lock, place her headscarf about her eyes and frogmarch him off to a cell. That for later.

Faye gave Ahmadinejad a bloody nose in this exchange:

Ahmadinejad: How is your daughter?
Faye: I don’t know, Mr President, I haven’t seen her for 13 days – remember?

“Islamic fanatic” Ahmadinejad ”stutters”.

Ahmadinejad: Oh yes. But haven’t you been allowed a phone to call her?
Faye: No, I most certainly have not.

Ahmadinejad is “red-faced”.

Ahmadinejad: Er, well, good luck in your life and your future.

Says Faye: He looked really embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

Faye sure showed him. Who need a bayonet when you have Faye’s sharp sarcasm. And cowed by the teary blonde might of the British military, Ahmadinejad presented fighting Faye with, among other things, a doll.

Military experts checked the doll for explosives. None were found. And Faye has decided to keep the toy.

And who knows, in time she may see fit to sell the thing, this doll that tamed a tyrant. Once the book has been written and the made-for-TV film produced, the doll could fetch some cash. It may end up in a museum or on the wall at a Planet Hollywood eatery.

But any money would not be for Faye. As she says, some of the proceeds from Big Brother Does Iran will go to the HMS Cornwall benevolent fund. The rest will go into trust for Molly.

And Ahmadinejad will have learned a painful and expensive lesson – the things we in the West value above all else are liberty, annuity and celebrity.

Picture: Poldraw

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