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Patricia Hewitt Is Politically Incorrect On Smoking Turney

by | 10th, April 2007

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt’s splenetic take on the Iran hostage situation and Faye Turney is now a matter of record – “It was deplorable that the woman hostage should be shown smoking. This sends completely the wrong message to our young people.”

Was she being politically correct? Don’t think so. This is from the Geneva Convention:

Article 26. “The basic daily food rations shall be sufficient in quantity, quality and variety to keep prisoners of war in good health and to prevent loss of weight or the development of nutritional deficiencies. Account shall also be taken of the habitual diet of the prisoners.

The Detaining Power shall supply prisoners of war who work with such additional rations as are necessary for the labour on which they are employed.

Sufficient drinking water shall be supplied to prisoners of war. The use of tobacco shall be permitted.

Prisoners of war shall, as far as possible, be associated with the preparation of their meals; they may be employed for that purpose in the kitchens. Furthermore, they shall be given the means of preparing, themselves, the additional food in their possession.

Adequate premises shall be provided for messing.”

Collective disciplinary measures affecting food are prohibited.

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