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Meet The NEETs

by | 10th, April 2007

hoody_1.jpgWHAT with the education system in disarray, and young people, demonised and always in danger of a copping an ASBO, should it really come as a surprise that a “lost generation” of young people are destined to spend a lifetime living on government “hand-outs”?

The Telegraph says these hoodlums are costing the economy “billions of pounds a year in benefits, youth crime and educational under-achievement”.

All this comes from a new report by the London School of Economics for the Prince’s Trust Charity. The report claims that £3.65 billion a year is being spent on these so-called NEETS (people Not in Education, Employment or Training).

According to Martina Milburn of the Prince’s Trust, “There is also a major cost to young people in terms of their lives. If a young person gets on to benefits and stays there they are always going to be a drain on the economy.”

If only the young could be more like, well, princes. Anyone seen Prince Eddie recently?

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