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President Ahmadinejad Is Brought To Book

by | 10th, April 2007

navy.jpgWITH the world watching, President Ahmadinejad has something to say: “With great honour, I declare that as of today our dear country has joined the nuclear club of nations can produce nuclear fuel on an industrial scale.”

“Death to Britain” chants the crowd, as the Mail reports.

But Ahmadinejad is a reasonable sort of loon. He understands our military is made up of women with children and offers us an alternative to total annihilation.

Does he want Faye Turney to return to Iran and be his wife? Or does he want something else?

The Mail listens in as Ahmadinejad tells us: “Iran welcomes any suggestion and dialogue to resolve the issues.”

The issues are that an Iran able to produce nuclear power may well be an Iran that can produce a nuclear bomb, one they will use.

“Don’t do something that will make you regret this great nation reconsider its policies,” says Ahmadinejad.

gifts.jpgThe bells are ringing out across Iran for “national day of nuclear energy”. But nuclear energy is not yet all and the Mail notes that the flags of the United Kingdom and the United States are not being blown to smithereens in a desert location but burned buy demonstrators in more traditional manner.

The Mail mentions sanctions. And looking at the goodie bag provided by Ahmadinejad to the British sailors, we can see the worth in such a ploy.

The Iranian peoples are already bedevilled by non-playing CDs and may come to regret allowing our boys to leave with so many suits and Turney to keep her headscarf.

But the way out could be for Ahmadinejad to keep the peace and earn foreign currency. He wants nuclear weapons, like the West, but what about aping his foe with a few books and lucrative column in the Sun?

Surely Tonight with Trevor McDonald and Richard & Judy would pay well for an interview with Ahmadinejad…

Pics: Nelson’s Hack & The Spine’s Goody Bag

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