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Platt’s Yer Lot – Tina O’Brien Quits Coronation Street

by | 10th, April 2007

tinaobrien.jpg“TINA goes out with bang,” says the Star, and readers are greeted to the site of banging soap babe Tina O’Brien.

As the 9th rule of soap law dictates, the starlet’s imminent departure from Coronation Street’s cobbles is marked by the wearing of a skimpy swimsuit.

“TA-TA TO TINA,” says the Star.

Says Tina: “When I joined I could never have dreamed I’d make it so far…But I feel the time has come to see what else is out her for me as an actress.”

Tina is at pains to show casting agents her versatility. As well as doing black swimming costumes with cutaway sides, Tina can do lacy bra and knickers with a bow at the sides.

So dressed, Tina is pictured holding a telephone receiver to her ear. Is she talking? Is she listening? Who is she talking to?

This is improvisation at its very limit.

Tina could be calling her agent and asking what the hell he’s doing, demanding that he return The Bill’s call before it’s too late.

Or else she could be advertising one of the myriad chatlines that serve as links to real women for any number of Star readers.

Such is the talent of the actress. Tina could be doing just about anything. And in any accent from Salford to Bury.

Interestingly, Tina’s character Sarah Louise Platt has been held hostage by an internet pervert, as the Star tells us. She’s bedded on-screen brothers Todd and Jason Grimshaw. She has had a baby at 13.

If Hollywood doesn’t beckon, Tina has a rich future as an actress in the Star’s Just Jane photo casebook. That’s if the Sun’s Dear Deidre doesn’t snap her up first.

Good luck , Tina…

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