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Anna Nicole Smith’s A Slapper

by | 11th, April 2007

anna-nicole.jpg“ANNA Nicole Loved KINKY SEX!” says the Enquirer.

Las Vegas illusionist Steve Wyrick says he met Anna Nicole at one of his shows. “After the show ended she came on stage, and we filmed a segment with me levitating her.”

This is not the kinky sex. We will get to that. Anna Nicole was lifted off the ground by magic.

Steve says Anna Nicole began flirting with him. She took his hand and pulled him backstage. They began kissing.

“She suddenly said ‘Slap me!” says Wyrick. “I didn’t know what she meant, so she said, ‘Like this’ – and she backhanded me across the face! I would never hit a woman, but I was really aroused.”


“Then she unzipped my pants and started to give me oral sex. The weird thing is that we had microphone belt packs on – it was all being recorded!”

Is that so?

“Afterwards, we walked out to centre stage and everyone was looking at us.” On stage, right? “I’m sure they all heard us – including Howard and Larry!”

Howard is Howard K Stern, Anna Nicole’s lawyer. Larry is photographer Larry Birkhead, father to Anna Nicole’s daughter Danielynn.

Later, Wyrick says Anna Nicole came to his room and they had sex. “She just kept saying ‘Pop me’ – and she also wanted me to choke her with my hands while we made love!”

Wyrick says he wouldn’t do it. But he allowed Anna Nicole to do it to him. “After about three hours she left my room.”

It’s a delightful story, and one that we are surprised Wyrick didn’t make public while Anna Nicole was still alive.

Perhaps, having already experienced her slap, he thought better of it?

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