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Victoria Beckham’s Coffee Mourning

by | 12th, April 2007

victoriabeckham.jpg“VICTORIA SPEAKS OUT”.

Finally, after so many long silences, Victoria Beckham opens the toothy grill at the front of her face and begins to tell us what life is like being feted, rich and tanned.

OK!’s front page promises much: “I’m insecure & sick of people judging me – plus my girls-only coffee mornings with J.Lo and Katie.”

The media just will not leave Vicky alone. It’s not like she courts publicity, that she wants to be gawped at as she cuddles up to David, strokes David or looks lovingly into David’s eyes.

Posh continues to tell us how ordinary she is, to remind us in act and deed that there are thousands of more talented people out there, but it is her lot to be found fascinating and devastatingly attractive by newspaper and magazine editors.

But Vicky is normal. She and David are normal. Refreshingly normal. They sit at home and watch DVDs. Granted not everyone can be rich enough to get Jennifer Lopez to act out the opening scene from Gigli in their front room, but that’s just how life is. It’s normal for Vicky.

Right now, though, Vicky is in the Alps, skiing with her family. Vicky is wearing a canary yellow ski jackets and waving at the cameras. She’s on a hang-glider “screaming and laughing with excitement at the same time”.

Vicky says she fears people are judging here, “what I wear, what my hair looks like, the expression on my face.”

She offers: “Which is why I often go out wearing a cap and sunglasses: the less people can see, the less they can criticise.”

Does this explain the slim frame? Does the drive to be seen less influence a decision to create less of Vicky to see? Will Posh only be at ease when she disappears?

OK! wonders. “We only hope Posh is enjoying some good old après-ski grub too,” it chimes, “surely even Victoria couldn’t resist a Swiss cheese fondue after a hard day on the slopes.”

Pictures to follow…

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