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Jennifer Lopez Is Jennfier Lopez

by | 12th, April 2007

jennifer-lopez.jpg“HOW do I love?” asks Jennifer Lopez of herself. “Very strong,” she answers, passionately, without any barriers or regrets. When I love, I really do love intensely.”

This promises to be the easiest interview J.Lo has ever conducted. She asks the questions. She answers the questions.

Perhaps Jennifer could add additional spice to this new wave of journalism by using her variety of names, answering questions as Jennifer Lopez and answering them as J-Lo, J-Lo and J-H20.

Jennifer says love needs a “lot of caring”. And she and husband Marc Antony are a “dream team”. Jen thinks her man is a “genius”. He has produced her latest album. And he sings on it, too.

Looking on, Peter Andre, Posh ‘n’ Becks, Ant ‘n’ Dec and all other British émigrés in the Hollywood Hills may care to see how this harmony has been achieved.

For starters you need lashings of love. And then you need to say how your latest record – available in all record shops, good and bad – is a “personal project”.

This is not to say you should not buy the record and so avoid intruding on Jennifer and Marc’s private moment, more that you are invited to bask in the reflected glory that is their love. The album is “organic, romantic and modern at the same time,” says Jen.

But just when you think you have nailed down Jennifer, she tells us about her “two sides”. Multiple names and now this. Little wonder Jen is allowed to interview herself – no researcher could put the right question to the right Jen.

But she is consistent. As she says: “All I do is natural and it comes from my heart and my soul. There’s nothing fake about it.”

Jen is the real deal, or deals, as it were…

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