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Comic Relief – Tara-Palmer Tomkinson Is Kooked Up

by | 12th, April 2007

tara.jpg“TARA-Palmer Tomkinson is “reassuringly crazed”.

So says OK!, which catches up “kooky, wild and unpredictable” T P-T as she wears a succession of clothes at the Mayfair Hotel.

As OK! arrives, whacky Tara pours the team a glass of champagne. She almost slips out of her towelling dressing gown. She then “kicks off a 15-minute rant” about her not being on drugs.

But T P-T is about so much more than being rich and not on drugs. “But let me tell you,” says she, “I wasn’t on drugs, as everyone thought.”

Tara is talking about her singing part on Comic Relief Does Fame Academy.

“People think because I’m shivering when I’m cold or sweating when I’m on the TV, I must be on back on drugs.”

Sure. Right. But that about your life and how…

“It doesn’t matter what I do in my life, whether I’m late or overweight or underweight, it will always be because I’m on drugs.” But you’re not. “But I’m not on drugs anymore. I sweated on Fame Academy through fear, not because I was high.”

So about those shoes and…

“It kills me when people make cheap shots and say I was on drugs. It would be easy for me to do a line, it’s easier to get a line of coke than a drink in London these days.”

Right one on first, or left one, do tell…

“Yes I get p***ed, I get merry, I slur my words. I smoke too much, I drink too much.”

Did you choose the shoes first or after the tights and the…

“But to be honest, I don’t care if people think I’m on drugs… They should have seen me when I was, I couldn’t get out of the cupboard, I was introverted – psychosis paranoia and vomiting and the rest.”

But Tara does not feel down. As she tells us: “When I sit there feeling sorry for myself, I think about the single woman with the three children and the husband who has just walked out. And I know these people. Just because I’m from Gosford Park doesn’t mean I don’t know these people. They are part of my life.”

So, Tara, about those drugs…

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