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Don Imus Is A Hip-Hopper

by | 12th, April 2007

DON Imus just quoted words from a hip hop song wherein these garbage songs are heard by our youth with every sort of bad words degrading all sorts of people. I think all the disc jockeys on the radio stations should be fired because they play these horrible songs and our youth hears them. I think Jackson and Sharpton should stop and look at all the killings and hurtful things blacks are doing to other blacks and try and focus on helping them. They need to put a end to these gangster blacks and this horrible hip hop generation. Leave Don Imus alone. And nobody has been “scarred for life” because of his remarks–Jackson and Sharpton have only brought attention to what he has said. Let it go. Enough is enough–and no,the man doesn’t need to loose his job over this. What happened to “free speech”?

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