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Carly Zucker Rates Friends And Family

by | 13th, April 2007

carly-zucker.jpgIT’S been while since we last saw Carly Zucker, Wag to footballer Joe Cole.

It was back in July 2006 that we saw Carly perform her “sexercises” by a Miami pool. Carly’s footballer had just finished kicking a ball around in Germany and was looking to unwind.

Now Carly is in the pages of Hello!. Still wearing a tracksuit, Zucker is just returned from a friend’s wedding in Cuba.

“Friends are like family,” says Carly. “You stick with them. You can’t grow apart if you’ve got a true friendship. I’m a very loyal person.”

We could say that friends are not like family, what with you being able to choose your friends.

But Zucker has more to say. “We might not talk for six weeks on the phone, but if any of us are ever upset, we’re all together.”

So is she friends with any of the other Wags?

“I’ve got a really small frame,” says Carly. “But she clearly knows her own mind,” says Hello! by way of a repost. The inference that Randy Newman was right about short people is best ignored.

And, in any case, Zucker does not diet. “I eat, sugar, fat, carbs, protein,” says she.

Readers may not have any idea what those American-sounding foods taste of, and they may not be for everyone.

You may need to exercise as well as eat exotic foods to stay in shape. Carly is a part-time personal trainer. And, no, she has not produced a DVD work-out video – something an appearance in Hello! should remedy…

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