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Amazing Grace – Madonna Adopts New Daughter In Malawi

by | 13th, April 2007

madonna-family.jpgMADONNA is planning to adopt again.

This is all very noble. And Anorak has long argued that we should overlook the grandstanding and concentrate on the fact that a child’s life has been improved by a travelling celebrity.

Right it is then that the Sun should trumpet “CHOOSE THAT GIRL” on its front page. If Madonna can fly to Malawi and pick up a daughter then so can we. The woman is an inspiration.

And reading on we learn that this child is called Grace. She is Madonna’s “first choice among a select group of orphans”.

Madonna “set her heart” on making Grace her own when she observed video footage of the child at play. With that shock of red curly hair, freckles and pining for a sunnier Tomorrow, Grace melted Madonna’s heart.

But we should offer a warning. Video can often skew the truth. Madonna might look like a 19-year-old in her videos, but in reality she is likely to be somewhat different. The camera loves Grace but the naked eye might not.

But you can only say so much and a friend of Madonna’s tells us that the signer has fallen “head over heels for her”.

“Madonna kept saying, ‘That girl has so much love in her. I want to help her achieve her potential.”

A tad impulsive, perhaps. Shopping often is.

But the more prosaic approach to child rearing is being offered by the Malawi authorities. The source says officials are insisting Madonna browse the full range of orphans on offer and that the final decision will be theirs.

As one other great American might have put it, you can have any colour as long as it’s black.

Oh, come, come, it is hard to overlook the obvious. Madonna is a white woman with a white husband who has already adopted the black and now, apparently, wants another black child. With her two white children, the family Madonna will be monochrome.

As the Scotsman tells us: “Monochrome was big last winter with the ubiquitous houndstooth, but it is back with a vengeance for spring.”

The concern is that adopting children of different hues is a fashion trend. And that Madge is no longer a trendsetter but a follower of fashion.

If fashion is playing any part in this adoption, we urge Madonna to rethink her options and opt for a more a wider pallet, as with the ecru-coloured Angelina Jolie.

This way the look will not age and Madonna will stay in vogue…

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