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Fat And Faulty – New Obese Gene And TV’s Fat Tribe

by | 13th, April 2007

fat.jpg“THERE IS AN OBESITY GENE.” So says the Mail’s lead headline. Or as the Times’ front page puts it: “’Fat’ gene found by scientists.”

So much for tales of fat kids getting fat by gorging on fizzy drink, chocolate and murder burgers. It’s not your fault you’re the size of a small family hatchback. It’s all down to bad genes, or fat genes if judgements are to be made.

A team of geneticists from Oxford University and the Peninsular Medial School, Exeter, have found the gene in as many as one in six Britons.

Fat people can be saved. And they can be prevented from ever being. As the Mail says: “One day, couple’s could even choose to have babies free of ‘fat’ genes.”

Who would have dared believe fat children could be so easily eradicated? Anorak has long advocated a cull, a race in which the fat are encouraged to run for their lives. For some time the papers have been scouring the land for fat children. Lanes on running tracks were being widened. Chocolate eggs placed on spoons.

And it would be entertaining. In “Fat’s entertainment”, the Sun looks at the new BBC reality TV show in which porkers are invited to hunt for food. In Fat Teens Can’t hunt (working title: Fat Hunts), teens will be sent to live with aboriginal tribesmen for ten months.

If they want to eat, they must feast on grasses, fruits and plants. They will need to kill and cook any animals. Win and be thin! Stay fat and be despatched to live with another tribe, namely the headhunters in Borneo.

Oh Brave New World…

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