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Inside Warren Beatty And Jessica Simpson’s Dinner With Hal Lifson

by | 14th, April 2007

jessicasimpson.jpg“I WROTE a story for Globe about how Warren Beatty had dinner with Jessica Simpson and was going to mentor her to become political and do good things in Washington.

“The only thing true was they had met briefly at a restaurant. But the story comes out and all of the sudden she’s being told she’s got to become political, and about a month later she does go to Washington.”

Hal Lifson, a freelancer for the National Enquirer, Star and Globe, is telling the NY Post that – get this – some tabloid stories are made up. Hard to believe, we know. A shock to rank up there with the Pope being Catholic, bear slaying turds in woods and Jordan sleeping on her back.

But Lifson is adamant that he makes things up. And who are we to call him a liar?

You can read all about the how Lifson makes things up in his book. “Sources Say: The Ugly Truth Behind America’s Tabloid Business” will be a sensation. Sources tell us it will be a riverting read and full of factzzzz.

And for those of you who want to read an expose penned by a writer whose central plank is that he is economical with the actualité, there is more.

Says Lifson: “[I came up a story that ] Tom plays Bozo for [his baby] Suri, but it caused a problem because Katie Holmes is scared of clowns. Then I called the original Bozo, Larry Harmon, and told him to send Tom a ‘Bozo care package,’ which he did.

“The headline in the Globe was, ‘Tom and Katie’s Battle Over Bozo.’ I said that Tom tapped into the innocent, pure image of Bozo. It wasn’t a mean story, it wasn’t ugly. Do you think Tom ever complained?”

Lifson explains that one trick to fabricating stories is to make them “nice” and relatively inoffensive so the celebs won’t complain.

In other words, tell a lie that makes the subject look good and they won’t sue you.

The Post says, “Richard Valvo, a rep for the Enquirer, Star and Globe, had no comment.”

And that Jennifer Aniston has nice hair…

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