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Kate Moss Takes A Hit Of Ice From Kasabian

by | 16th, April 2007

moss-doherty.jpg“THAT really f*cking hurt, why did he do that?” asks Kate Moss.

As the Mirror reports, Kate has just been smacked in the head by a lump of ice tossed by a member of the band Kasabian.

It’s another terrific rock ‘n’ roll night out with Kate Moss. And what this being Kate, role mode, fashion leader, catwalk terrorist etc., very soon millions of girls will be begging their lovers to throw lumps of ice at their heads.

(Author’s note: Ice is not believed to be crystal methamphetamine, known as ice in its crystal form, but a piece of frozen water, normally presented in a glass of liquid and fashioned into cube or swan.)

Trends begin with little. And the Mirror mentions that this happening occurred less than a week after Kate threw a cheese sandwich at lover Pete Doherty.

Meanwhile, back outside the club, Pete is trying to gain entry. And he’s been sent to the back of the line.

An eyewitness hears the door staff complain that Pete has been rude to them. We learn that Kate is pleading with them to reconsider. But it is to no avail. Pete must join the back of the queue.

But he will not. Pete is meant to perform with Amy Winehouse but he will not queue up. The show is cancelled.

And the mood turns cold…

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