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Taxing Adults On School Uniforms

by | 16th, April 2007

krankies.jpgHOW many adults do you know who don school uniforms on a day-to-day basis?

(This question is open to everyone save for members of Her Majesty’s Navy, Krankies enthusiasts and Old Mr Anorak’s Thai ping-pong team.)

Well, according to the Government, there are vast armies of “petite adults” taking advantage of larger sizes in children’s schoolwear. So, to scupper the plans, the Government has been taxing children’s clothes that are larger than certain sizes.

But now, according to the Telegraph, a campaign is underway to abolish the tax which costs parents £200 million a year.

Graham Minelli, a member of the Schoolwear Association, says: “It does seem a nonsense. The Government argues that school uniforms stop brand wars and stop bullying, and yet they tax secondary school uniform.”

The tax is also become increasingly redundant as Britain’s teens continue to eat their way to obesity with some shops now selling boys’ blazers with a 52in chest and trousers with a 42in waist.

God help the gym teachers.

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