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The Bob Woolmer Mystery’s ‘Poison Clue’

by | 16th, April 2007

woolmer1.jpgTHE Bob Woolmer mystery is not over.

There remains the possibility that Woolmer was killed in a crime of passion. That he was offed by the Mafia. That he was assassinated by Al-Qaeda. That he was the victim of a bouncer in a late-night game of corridor cricket. (We still wait to see that CCTV footage from outside his hotel room.)

But the nets are closing in. “Poison clue in Woolmer hunt,” says the Express.

So he was poisoned!

Congratulations to those of you who guessed correctly. Anorak had opted for Osama bin Laden with the rogue vol-au-vent in corporate hospitality. But now we know.

Or do we?

The Express cites “Tests” which “confirmed” Woolmer was poisoned before he was strangled. Police are “working on the theory” Woolmer was incapacitated before his killer dealt the fatal blow.

Yes, a theory. And then the Express says, “It is believed that Pakistan coach Woolmer, 58, may have been silenced by a match-fixing mafia who feared he was about to expose them.”

Yes, “believed” and “may”.

Might it be that our Bin Laden theory is back on?

We concede that the infected finger food explanation is not yet established. And the express tells us Mark Shields, Jamaica’s Deputy Police Commissioner, has “refused to say poison has been found” in Woolmer’s remains.

Which make us wonder about that Express headline. Is it a message to deliberately mislead the killer? Or is it just wrong?

Whatever the truth, we remain keen to see that footage from outside the Woolmer hotel broom.

And that room service menu in full…

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