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The Middleton Class – Why Prince William Dumped Kate Middleton

by | 16th, April 2007

middleton.jpgFAREWELL Kate Middleton, The People’s Girlfriend, to Prince William.

Not that Kate ever stood a chance of being Williams’ wife. You see, it’s all a matter of class, breeding if you will.

In “SNOBS WHO DID FOR KATE”, the Mirror looks at the “mates” who “sneered” at Kate’s mother.

It hears “snobby jibes” and “snotty pals” mock Carole Middleton’s past as an air-stewardess. “Doors to manual” they would sneer as Kate moved out of earshot.

A Royal “insider” says of the Middleton matriarch: “She is pushy, rather twee and incredibly middle-class. She uses words such as ‘Pleased to meet you”, ‘toilet’ and ‘pardon’”.

As readers know, the correct terms are “Hello Ma’am”, “What do you do?” and people in polite society never go to the little princess’s room but employ a wallah to do it for them.


Mirror readers learn that Carole has a habit of chewing gum. It is our studied belief that Carole should be shot until dead, skinned and her entrails fed to Prince Charles’s organic pigs. We admire Her Majesty’s restraint.

Nonsense, says Arthur Edwards, the obsequious Royal snapper. “It tells us more about the snobbery of the commentators than about the Royal Family.” He cites the success of middle class Sophie Rhys-Jones, wife to The Weed In Tweed that is Prince Edward. If they can enjoy a successful marriage, anyone can.

But the Mail’s A.N. Wilson will not be denied. “She’s got more class than these sneering snobs,” says he.

“How would you feel is your son introduced you to his girlfriend’s parents, and the mother said ‘pleased to meet you’ rather than ‘how d’you do?’ Or asked to use the toilet, rather than the lavatory or the loo?”

Why, says a Mail reader, we’d line her up against the privet and plunge a gardening fork through her heart. Is not life about standards? Without standards, how can we aspire?

Wilson moves on. He says the Queen reportedly “’couldn’t believe it’” when Carole Middleton behaved in such a fashion.

Wilson writes: “Being married to the head of State calls for qualities which middle or working-class women are just as likely to have as the daughter of a duke.”

The Mirror’s Royal raspberry James Whittaker does not agree. Says he: “I just don’t think she had the breeding quite honestly and I’m not being snooty I’m being factual.”

Facts. The lifeblood of newspapers…

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