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Tony Blair ‘Snogs’ Des Browne

by | 16th, April 2007

DES Browne says there has been “no apology and no deal” with Iran to secure the release of the 15 British personnel.

But becaues we all need to find out what went wrong there will be an inquiry. It will be headed by Governor General of Gibraltar, Lieutenant General Sir Rob Fulton, Royal Marines.

Says Des: “As we go through this process, I would remind people of the most important point- that we got our people back safe and on our terms.”

“This is not a witch hunt – I take full responsibility for this case. I made a mistake – I’ve been completely open about that. I’m happy to say sorry”

And better yet the Prime Minister’s spokesman says Tony has “full confidence” in Browne.

As Poldraw notes: “Traditionally that’s not so much a kiss of death as a snog.”

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