Anorak News | Richard Gere And Shilpa Shetty Say ‘No Condom, No Sex’

Richard Gere And Shilpa Shetty Say ‘No Condom, No Sex’

by | 16th, April 2007

richard_gere.jpg“NO condom, no sex,” Richard Gere tells an audience of truck drivers at an Aids awareness event in New Delhi.

“What about a hamster?” one fires back. “What do I get for cash?” asks a local man. “I got Raybans,” says another. “Best kwality.”

But Gere is unmoved. He has seen Shilpa Shetty arrive on the rostrum. Does she have a condom?

There is no time to know as Gere takes Shilpa in his arms and plants a series of kisses on her cheek. He kisses her hand.

“No condom, no sex,” chants the crowd. Gere stops short.

And the aftermath kicks in. Such is the way of these things that effigies must be burned.

Reuters hears calls for the actor and the Big Brother winner to die.

They have sullied Indian tradition.

“No condom, no sex.”

Says Shilpa of Gere: “I admit it went a little overboard but that was not the intention. He did not do anything obscene.”

Shilpa adds that she has spoken with Gere on the phone. “He apologised to me and told me to tell the media that he apologised.”

But all is mayhem. As the Hindustan Times reports, the “self-styled cultural cops of Shiv Sena” set out on a procession and torch an effigy of Shetty.

The right-wing Hindu nationalists group set about a burning effigy of Gere with sticks.

Shipa burns as once the effigy of Jade Goody lit up the Indian night sky like a volcano of hot curry sauce.

Says the report: “The Shiv Sainiks were raising slogans such as ‘Shilpa Shetty hosh mein aao’, ‘Hindustan ki sanskriti se khilwad band karo’ and ‘nari ka apman band karo.'”

“No codom, no sex.”

No quibbles…

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