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Danielle Lloyd Pulls It Off

by | 17th, April 2007

danielle-lloyd.jpg“DANI’S Knickers are down at Asda.”While its rivals lead with news of the horror in Virginia, the Star proves that whatever time it goes to print, it will always be topical.

And the timeless news is that Danielle Lloyd, the nation’s favourite Big Brother bully, is wearing a pair of white knickers and matching bra.

Danielle is an expert in such things. And readers cannot fail to notice that the model used to illustrate the Star’s other front-page news – “SNOW BY THIS FRIDAY” – lacks Dani’s innate talent.

Granted, this blonde’s red bikini top matches the bucket she is shovelling snow into, but with her knickers out of shot, readers are left guessing. There are models that can do tops. The are model that can do bottoms. But there are only a few that can carry off top and bottom. Little wonder Dani is so prized.

And so to the story. And news is that Star readers need only brandish a voucher to secure a 20% off deal on a cutting-edge Asda bras.

Readers will be refreshed to learn that such garments are not fashioned from carrier bags and recycled cardboard boxes but more traditional fabric.

And Danielle has one on. Says she: “I love the look of the bra, as it give me a fantastic cleavage.” Indeed, had Dani only known of the Asda bra earlier she might have forgone her breast augmentation operation.

She goes on: “It’s also designed to be as lightweight and flexible as possible, so half the time I don’t ever know I’m wearing it.”

Of course, half the time Danielle might not be wearing it, or anything. More news of that later…

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