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The Pocket Money Hit-Man

by | 17th, April 2007

WHILE City boys continue to earn bonuses big enough to buy a small country, or indeed a peerage, spare a thought for the humble and hard-working hit-man.

According to the Mirror, a teenage assassin was being quizzed after he asked his friend to kill his dad for a total amount of £2.50.

The put-upon Louisiana 16-year-old was apparently tired of being told what to do by his father so decided to hire another teen to shoot the parent in question.

While the cheap-as-chips gunman did indeed turn up at the house, a woman spotted his gun and locked the door, causing the boy to flee. Now the son is being held on charges of solicitation for murder, which could mean life in prison for the youngster.

And to think the £2.50 hit-man thought he’d be fine once he had a trade.

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