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After Dinner Discussion On Register of Members’ Interest

by | 17th, April 2007

WHILE Labour polling hits rock bottom, there is the most amusing, and dare I say pathetic, story in this morning’s Mirror titled “Let me sell you a Tory” which detailed a number of the senior frontbench figures entries in the Register of Members’ Interests, writes Dizzy.

The Register is not a new one in anyway, but if you read the Mirror you’d think it was. The bottom line of the article? Look at these Tories, they makes lots of money, isn’t that all iffy?

The “not first blogging MP” Tom Watson is quoted saying “It’s a fulltime job being a backbench MP so how they do all this as well as performing their front-bench roles is beyond imagination.” No Tom, it’s not beyond imagination at all and you know. An After-dinner speech is a speech errr… after-dinner. Everyone has to eat and standing up afterwards for 20 minutes or so rambling for a fee is common practice. I imagine Tom’s problem is that if he doesn’t do it no one else should. Well that’s bollocks.

Apparently David Cameron receiving an oil painting portrait of himself is considered news and shows something, I’m not sure what, that is wrong, or bad, or oh I don’t know.

The whole thing is little more than a manufactured story out of a register that’s been public for ages anyway.

The piece is made all the more amusing by the fact it doesn’t mention the Labour deputy leadership candidates who have failed to enter over £20,000 in campaign donations on the Register. Go figure!

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