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Goodbye Kate Middleton, Halo Princess Diana

by | 17th, April 2007

di-kate.jpgPRINCE William’s ex-lover Kate Middleton is holding a tennis racket and the Sun’s Arthur Edwards is doffing his cap and wiping a rheumy eye.

Arthur has been staring up Royal nostrils man and boy. And one look at Middleton in her jeans and smile takes him back to a time in 1994 when Princess Diana was also smiling.

In holding her tennis racket, Kate was “Letting William know: ‘This is what you’re missing’,” says Arthur.

Just like Princess Diana did. Right. You know, when she played tennis with John Travolta…

Writes Arthur: “I remember when Prince Charles confessed to his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles in 2004. I waited 12 hours outside the Serpentine Galley in London’s Hype Park for Diana to make an appearance.”

Oh, for those simple carefree days before the Protection from Harassment Act came into force.

Here comes Di.

Just like Kate, Arthur sees Di holding a tennis racket, her blonde hair lengthened into brunette swoosh?

Says Arthur: “The setting sun lit up her hair into a golden silhouette. She looked the sexiest I had ever seen.”

And, mind, this from the Sun’s man in the know who has seen a few Page 3 stunnas come and go in his time.

“She made the driver stop 25 yards away then walked toward us like a supermodel.”

Yes, now we see it. Kate and Diana – two peas in a gilded pod.

“Kate’s action were not on the scale to the master,” says Arthur “but still a piece of vintage Diana.”

All Kate has to do now is marry Wills, have two sons, have him leave her for an equine tampon dispenser and conduct a TV interview in which she reveals all.

And then date Mohammed Al Fayed…

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