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Jade Goody’s Double And Perez Hilton Invade

by | 18th, April 2007

goody-hilton.jpgJADE GOODY is posing for a photograph with Perez Hilton.

Hilton, famed for his gossip website, is posing with Goody in London. This is Perez’s Postcard from London feature. And here he is posing with a typical Londoner.

Had we not known who Hilton was, Anorak could have mistaken him for one of Goody’s relatives – the build, the nose, the smile are all in the Goody mould.

There the couple go in the back of a rickshaw in typical Anglo-Indian fashion. Says Perez: “We had a lovely day getting to know Jade, who has her own plans of trying to conquer America – like David & Victoria Beckham and Jordan and Peter Andre.”

We can imagine the damage goody could cause arriving at New York brandishing a kebab and demanding that all kowtow to her.

But Perez has erred. In sidling up the Big Brother bigot, he has managed to associate himself with the one woman no-one else in showbiz wants to know. That’s quote a coup.

And even bigger news when at the same time Jade is meeting Hilton in the Star, the Sun shows her sitting in the back of a flat-back truck in Tobago.

With lover Jack and sons Bobby, Jade waits for help after a 33,000-volt pylon fell to the ground close to a pool where Bobby an his brother Freddie were playing.

It seems that a drink driver had hit a pylon. And this hours after a fire broke out near her holiday villa. Coincidence?

Whatever the reasons for this string of disasters, the area needs to be evacuated. And Jade can be seen sitting on the back of a truck waiting for a lift to safety.

Once more, we remind you, this is on the same say she is pictured with Perez Hilton in London.

Is this how Jade plans to conquer America, by stealth and with any Army of look-alikes at her command?

America – we have you surrounded…

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