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Larry Birkhead Wins An Academy Award With Dannielynn

by | 18th, April 2007

larry-birkhead-daniel.JPGLARRY Birkhead is with Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

The DNA test results are in and Larry has been confirmed as the baby’s father. Now he needs to be a father to the child. And that job begins with how to pronounce the child’s name.

“Birkhead has been swapped from Stern but I don’t want to change anything else – that’s what her mother named her and even though I didn’t get a say, I still want to respect her mother’s wishes.” says the proud father of “one of the worlds’ most wanted babies” in OK!.

Stern is in reference to Howard K Stern, the man who was found not to be Dannielynn’s father.

But did Anna and Larry ever talk about baby names? “Yeah,” says he, “Marilyn if it was a girl and Niko if it was a boy.”

But you don’t pronounce Danielynn ‘Marilyn’, do you? Few can be certain. But Larry does know he was with Anna at the time of the child’s conception.

Larry recalls Anna telling him: “We’re having a baby.” She then got “clingy”. “She called me a million times from the hotel room and asked: ‘Do you miss me? Do you love me? Are you happy and excited?’”

Larry’s words were not enough. The couple broke up. But Larry says they remained in touch via telephone calls and emails.

And now Anna is no more and Larry is with his child. How is he coping? “I’ve bought her little outfits. [Welling up with tears] I got her a T-shirt that says ‘I love Mommy.’”

OK! then asks: “Is this all in your one-bedroom apartment in LA now?” What’s this? A slight on the size of Larry’s abode? Larry is quick to set the record straight: “I have a two-bedroom.”

But now he is with Dannielynne, he would like to get a house “or just some place that I know is really secure where I can bring her up”.

Meanwhile, the legal battle continues over the $500 million estate of Anna Nicole’s late husband, oil baron J. Howard Marshall II. The sum Dannielynn will receive is unknown. And it has yet to be decided where her father will have access to her inheritance.

Could this money help find that secure idyll for Larry and his daughter? Perhaps. for nwo he is happy to enjoy his child.

As he says of the moment when the envelope was opened and his role as present was confirmed: “It was sealed for all this time and you have my name on there and Howard as a contender and it was almost like you’re at the Academy Awards and they say: ‘And the winner is…’ you just sit there trembling.”

Inded. You win. And then everyone wants to be your friend, the money comes rolling in and you are an international star. It’s a feeling dad’s know all too well…

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