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Peas And News – Big Brother Danielle Lloyd’s Op

by | 19th, April 2007

boobjob3.jpg“BRAVE DANI GOES UNDER THE KNIFE,” announces the Star’s front page.

“I’m keeping my finger’s crossed it’ll be OK,” says Big Brother bully emeritus Danielle Lloyd.

In these trying times, we urge readers to put away their arcane ideas of Danielle being a charmless, blow-up-breasted bigot and concentrate on her essential humanity.

As reported earlier on these pages, Dani has found a pea-sized limp of non-cancerous tissue in one of her breasts. Now she is to have it treated. And doctors will also check on “two tiny moles”.

“I’m really nervous right now about the operation,” says Danielle,” wearing a leopard-print- bikini-styled surgical gown. “I’m just keeping my fingers crossed right now that everything is going to be OK.”

But Danielle should not worry. She should focus on her new post-op pea-free life. And to her new breasts.

Such are the miracles of modern surgery that while under the knife, Dani will have her breast implants updated.

This is not to make Dani yet more pneumatic but in response to “medical advice”. The Star says these news implants are “healthier”.

And, one imagines, much larger than a pea…

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