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Madonna And Grace – A Twist In The Tale

by | 20th, April 2007

e041948a.jpgMADONNA stands with what could be her latest child, Grace.

Once again we admire Madonna’s post-baby figure and look forward to a new DVD celebrating how she got her tummy back and how you can too.

For now, though, we coo over the new baby.

In “HERE’S THAT GIRL” the Sun shows readers the first picture of the “kid who melted Madonna’s heart”.

This celebrity ultrasound reveals Grace to be an even-faced child.

A “friend” tells us: “She saw footage of Grace and asked for another 15 minutes.”

Encore, indeed. Perhaps this time round Grace could do it with feeling, break dance or sing “All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth”.

And it’s not like Grace doesn’t have competition. No, not from David Banda, the Malawi native adopted by Madonna last year but from the hundreds of orphans singing and dancing for Madonna. She’s inspecting the grounds at the orphan day centre in Mphandula, which she spent £1.6milion on and they’ve put on a show.

The Sun says the venue can provide sustenance for up to 4,000 children. That’s a lot of singing and dancing. Eat your heart out, Simon Cowell.

But Madonna is not with Grace, says her representative. The Sun hears the spokesperson deny that Madonna has met with Grace “and has no plans to adopt her or any other children”.

But still they sing. Still they dance. And over in the Mail, the headline question is: “Will Grace be the sister Madonna wants for her little boy?”

The publicist says no. But friends say yes and that Madonna plans to start a “rainbow family”.

While we wish Madonna the best of luck finding a green and orange child, and not being upbraided by social services for turning a child blue, Madonna is said to be considering two other girls from the same orphanage.

Sadly, no photographs of Child B and Child C are on view and we are left to wonder how Madonna is reviewing the situation. Is one of them purple? Is one of them violet?

And are they right now singing and dancing with gusto, hoping against hope that Madonna will take them back to old London town where David Banda-Twist resides?

Take it away girls and boys:
I’ll do anything
For you dear anything
For you mean everything to me…

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