Anorak News | Pakistanis March Against The Taliban Fanatics

Pakistanis March Against The Taliban Fanatics

by | 20th, April 2007

MORE news from Pakistan that the Taliban and extremists are not the choice for all – far from it. Massed protests in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and PeshawarIs the War on Terror being won?

This from the Bangkok Post:
“‘We have been watching with anger and frustration the terrorism being inflicted on the residents of Islamabad by madrassa students,'” social worker Naeem Mirza said in the capital.

‘Enough is enough now, we demand that the government act immediately to end the intimidation of the citizens at the hands of extremists,’ he added.

Many of the 11,000 students at the mosque and madrassa have in recent weeks waged a ‘morality campaign’, detaining alleged prostitutes and harassing female drivers of vehicles for “un-Islamic” behaviour. Owners of CD and DVD stores have also been threatened and intimidated for spreading what the students regard as obscenity.”

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